Hunting for Mistakes: Part 1 Out of 4 (S...

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    • Assalamu Allaykum Learn about the vulture culture. Those who throw insults at others. Calling them innovators, sururis,qutabies,etc . See what the great senior scholars have to say about them.Insha'Allah stay tuned for the other parts. (there are 3 more parts) Please share, fav.,or rate this video. NOTE: I am a Salafi. But I don't go out insulting knowledgable duats.So Insha'Allah you don't get any wrong ideas. I want to warn against those who do so by putting up these videos, Insha'Allah. Words from the Senior Scholars - may Allâh have mercy on them Translated by Abû Umar al-Jurjânî Credit to Maktabah Al-Salafiya...
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